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Wood Floor Sanding In NYC

Wood Floor Sanding In NYC

Are you searching for the very best Wood Floor Sanding company in NYC area? Is it time to install new wood, laminate, or luxury vinyl floorings at your home or for your company and searching for an skilled flooring installer in NYC? You have come to the best place.

NYC Floor Pro offers all hardwood flooring solutions from the foundation to the last coat of finish! NYC Floor Pro is your one-stop resource for all your Wood Floor Sanding needs. We provide unrivaled customer support and outstanding high quality. All of our services and products are ensured. We have been serving NYC area since 2011. Our outstanding service, affordable costs, and overall worth are why our devoted clients won’t go anywhere else. Whether you require new wood floorings or need to refinish or fix your existing floorings we can assist you. We look forward to serving you!

NYC Floor Pro has some of the most skilled and professional wood flooring installers and refinishers in business. We integrate the latest wood flooring technologies with reliable strategies that have been refined over our years of experience. Therefore, we are the company also various other wood flooring specialists seek advice from for tough jobs. We frequently strive to preserve and build on this reputation by working to enhance and exceed expectations with each work, and we never ever leave a work until the client is completely delighted.  We are your ideal Wood Floor Sanding in NYC.

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Installing New Hardwood Floors

When it comes to your business or home, installing the optimal hardwood flooring is a job that leaves no room for mistakes. There are as various ways to install flooring as there are flooring and installers. Nonetheless, in our nearly three decades of business, we have embraced a procedure that is endorsed by the National Wood Flooring Association as standard.

Truthfully, to install a flooring any other way includes risk that is senseless and ill-considered in such a lasting investment as wood flooring.


  • SOLID WOOD: The most distinctive type of hardwood flooring; various styles of wood, colors, and grades are available. Solid wood flooring is available either prefinished or unfinished.
  • ENGINEERED WOOD: Engineered wood flooring is a durable choice due to its flexibility – having the ability to function in areas with increased levels of moisture. It is essentially composite multilayered wood flooring (real wood being on the upper layer) that is oftentimes thinner than solid wood.
  • LAMINATE FLOORING: While not usually the fanciest option, laminate flooring is usually one of the more cost-effective solutions. While it is not real wood at all, laminate flooring is crafted from Formica, and designed to imitate wood. This means that, compared to traditional hardwood floors, laminate flooring is not only far easier to install but also very easy to maintain as well.

Hardwood Floor Repair

While distressed or hand-scraped hardwoods conceal scratches and water damages far better than sleek exotic woods, all wood floorings require to be preserved and, every now and then, repaired for scratches, damages, and water damages.

From small scratches to extra intricate troubles that might call for board removal and replacement, our repair solutions are incomparable. NYC Floor Pro can address a selection of troubles that might be impacting the high quality and performance of your timber floorings, such as splits, pits, damages, scratches, wetness damages, and extra. We can fix all sort of timber flooring, such as unfinished, pre-finished, and laminate.

Many common troubles influence wood flooring, with wetness being the most significant offender. When water damages occurs, whether from a plumbing leak, water and snow tracked know boots, or repeated drink spills, it can trigger bending, bending and cupping. We have the devices and expertise to fix those troubles and avoid further damages to bordering planks. From simple fixes to extra intricate board elimination and replacement, the team at Beach Hardwood Floor covering can help.

We use the latest industry equipment and smoothing and renewal techniques to clean, repair, and renew your wood floors.


Sand and Refinishing

Sanding and refinishing of solid wood floorings has come a long way in the past years. Our sanding tools has become virtually dustless, spots and coatings are low V.O.C, and healing times have reduced. For you as a customer this suggests:

  • Less intrusive, virtually no dirt
  • Less odors
  • Faster turn-around times

When sanding and refinishing a solid wood flooring, we completely remove the old finish until we reach “new” wood. When stripped, we trowel fill the flooring to fix any separation of planks, little nicks and splits in the timber. Next off, we sand and hand side your floorings once more. After this step we apply the wanted color or tarnish to your flooring. If unsure, we can place sample color swabs on your flooring for your option now. At last we apply 2 layers of industrial quality finish on your flooring to secure it. Our finish can be found in various luster degrees from matte to gloss and, of course, your option will be applied.

We’re always delighted and thrilled when inviting a new client to our family. Whether you’re aiming to fix your existing flooring or install a new one, give us a call today.