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Hardwood Floor Repair


Hardwood Floor Repair

While distressed or hand-scraped hardwoods hide scratches and water damage better than polished exotic hardwoods, all wood floors need to be maintained and, from time to time, repaired for scratches, dents, and water damage.

From minor scratches to more complex problems that may require board removal and replacement, our repair services are second to none. NYC Floor Pro can address a variety of problems that may be affecting the quality and functionality of your wood floors, such as cracks, pits, dents, scratches, moisture damage, and more. We can repair all kinds of wood flooring, such as unfinished, pre-finished, and laminate.

Many common problems affect hardwood flooring, with moisture being the biggest culprit. When water damage occurs, whether from a plumbing leak, water and snow tracked in on boots, or repeated beverage spills, it can cause warping, buckling and cupping. We have the tools and expertise to fix those problems and avoid further damage to surrounding planks. From simple fixes to more complex board removal and replacement, the team at Beach Hardwood Flooring can help.

We use the latest industry equipment and smoothing and renewal techniques to clean, repair, and renew your wood floors.

Stains are another cause of wood flooring defects, caused by people and pets, as are surface scratches from furniture, dog claws, dropped items and more. Any of the above problems can cause unsightly marks and blemishes that detract from the natural beauty of your wood floors.

From water damage and squeaky panels to splintered wood and dents from appliances, let us address these issues to restore your home to its former glory. Don’t live with dull, scratched, warped floors any longer. Call in the experts today for quality craftsmanship, guaranteed results, and customized solutions, backed by a local, family-owned approach to excellence.

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