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vintage wood floor company

Vintage Wood Floor Company

The Vintage Wood Floor Company prides itself on preserving the authentic heritage of old structures by giving them new life. The original siding, flooring, beams, and other timber we recover are carefully collected and repurposed within an eco-friendly framework that preserves the past while respecting the environment.

We begin by combing the world – searching for authentic materials that have absorbed centuries of character through the passage of time. We scour the Midwest, Amish towns in Pennsylvania, tobacco counties down south, and isolated pockets across Europe. It’s a never-ending scavenger hunt, but it yields real treasure. The materials we collect possess an antique opulence that is enhanced through loving restoration. From start to finish, our process is absolutely meticulous. We begin with inspection, followed by air-drying, kiln-drying, milling, hand scraping and hand finishing. The result: a truly one-of-a-kind floor that imparts timeless warmth, character, and beauty.

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